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Cleared Hot

Jul 9, 2018

Todays episode is Q and A from the internet, with a twist. 

As fate would have it, my father and brother in law are here in Montana on vacation.  As I was reading through the questions, I realized that they are both a wealth of knowledge from different backgrounds, and that their insight into the questions is equally, if not more valid than my own. 

Jason has been serving as a firefighter for the city of San Diego for over ten years.  They operate in small elements, requiring teamwork, communication, leadership, and individual responsibility.  I would say the community has more similarities to the SEAL Teams than differences. 

My father has worn many hats throughout his life.  He is a Vietnam veteran, small business owner, school teacher, sport coach, and after today, a podcaster!  I learned many of the lessons that have served me well throughout life working beside him on construction sites. 

Between the three of us I think we had some good answers.