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Cleared Hot

Oct 19, 2020

Darin Bibeau was born and raised in Plattsburg, New York. He joined the Coast Guard in 1994 with recruit company Delta 144. His first assignment was Coast Guard cutter Spencer out of Boston. During his time with the Coasts Guard, he served as a Special Operator and then a private government contractor all over the world. He has been in operations on the high seas and remote areas around the globe.

Since then he has made his transition into the civilian world and now runs and owns successful American manufacturing companies, most notably, National Chimney/Natural Light Energy Systems- He has 9 factories and over 300 employees.

Today, Darin spends his extra time as a motivational speaker, business consultant and promoting his new book Back to Bulletproof -A Warriors Tactical Guide to Success. He strives to help others, especially veterans, on their road to professional and personal success. 

Back To Bulletproof